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The Camanche Balance Perch is a fishing aid in detecting the slightest nibble or bite while bait fishing for Stripped Bass, Sturgeon or any bottom fish, from boat or shore.

The Perch is made with a V slot to hold the rod in an upright position, with swivel movement, up and down, and side to side. This type of movement keeps your bait and the tip of your rod stationary, even when it's windy or in rough water, and your boat is moving around. This action enables the fisherman to see the slightest bite or nibble.

The rod and reel to use in the Perch  should be meduim to heavy duty, with line of your choice. Set the rod upright in the perch, with line to the bottom in moving water, using a sliding sinker large enough to hold bait down in swift water, install swivel on end of line with aprox. 18" of leader and bait of choice. Reel line tight to bottom, so as to balance rod in perch at about the 2'oclock position. When fish bites, wait for the tip of your rod to point down to water, as clicker starts making noise, (SET THE HOOK).

The Balance Perch is manufactured from High Density Plastic, with all Stainless Steel Hardware made to last a lifetime.

For information regarding where to purchase. Call JOHN PORTSCHELLER  at  209-747-2443 or send e-mail to waterhawksports@yahoo.com

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